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Kisses On A Postcard named Book Of The Year

posted: April 30th, 2010

Leading book blog Random Jottings has made Kisses On A Postcard her Book Of The Year for 2009, saying:

My criteria for choosing my Book of the Year are simple: it has to be a book that, quite simply, knocks me for six; a book which leaves me feeling that I wish I had not finished it; a book I want to go on and on; a book that stays with me for a long time after I have read the final page; a book that makes me laugh and/or cry and a book which totally absorbs me so that I am deaf to the world while reading.  Kisses on a Postcard fulfils my criteria in every respect and I am delighted to give my Random Award to Terence Frisby this year.  When I reviewed Kisses earlier in the year I started my post with the words ‘gosh what a lovely lovely book’.
And it is.

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posted: April 30th, 2010

We are delighted to announce that Jeremy James Taylor, our Associate Director, was, in the New Year’s Honours List, awarded the OBE – the Order Of The British Empire – for services to Young People and to Musical Theatre.

Jeremy founded the National Youth Music Theatre in 1976 and was its Artistic Director for 28 years. He has discovered many of the biggest names now working in show business. We have always said that when it comes to working with young people in theatre, in Jeremy we have the best in the business. It would appear that the Queen thinks so too.

About Kisses …

posted: April 21st, 2010

An award-winning radio play, a widely acclaimed book and a much admired piece of musical theatre, KISSES ON A POSTCARD is a vivid, funny and intimate portrait of a unique part of our history and a compelling and uplifting memoir of growing up in an extraordinary time.

Full of surprising humour and intensely moving, it tells the true story of two brothers in WWII, evacuated along with thousands of other children after Dunkirk, and of a remarkable couple, enduring their own tragedy, who took the boys in as their own and raised them with unstinting love. An unforgettable tale of a childhood brimming with wit, colour and warmth, this is also the gripping story of a village at war, seen through the curious eyes of a seven-year-old.

With a wonderful score by our original composer, the late, Gordon Clyde, new music by renowned jazz composer John Altman and the brilliant, young Tom Recknell, KISSES ON A POSTCARD is “an enchanting, profoundly moving and delightful night at the theatre”.

Find out more about the musical here or the book here. Listen to some of the music here.