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Kisses On A Postcard To Return To The Stage

posted: January 30th, 2011

It is with pleasure that we tell you of the latest steps in the campaign of Vackies Ltd to bring the musical, Kisses On A Postcard, into the West End.

We have a new production at the Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple, in September and October of this year.  This will be our workshop and showcase.

We will keep you posted, but first let us update you on the progress of the book.

The hardback was published by Bloomsbury in September 2009 and the paperback in May 2010. It has had ninety-five-per-cent five-star reviews (read them here) and has consistently been in the Bloomsbury best-seller lists.

Through 2010 Terry went back and forth across the country, visiting literary festivals and schools, reading extracts on local and national radio, promoting it. As a result of the popularity of the book, the Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple, have offered to present the musical this autumn as a co-production with Vackies Ltd.

Following the sad death of our composer, Gordon Clyde, we have further new music and lyrics by John Altman, Richard Stilgoe and Tom Recknell.  You can learn about them all on the website.  Terry has also revised parts of the script.

As a result of all this new material, we were in need of a full workshop to see how it would work.  With the Barnstaple deal we will have a full try-out production and workshop, which will also be a showcase for us, in a 700-seater theatre, with packed houses. What could be better?

The performances will take place from 23rd to Sunday 25th September and Friday 30th to Sunday 2nd October, 2011. See you at the show.