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In September, 2009, the book of Kisses On A Postcard was published by Bloomsbury.

Kate Saunders on BBC Radio 2 said, ‘The end is incredibly touching. The writing is wonderful. I really recommend this book … Beautifully written … Quite lovely” Listen to the review – [audio:Kate%20Saunders%20reviews%20K%23145.mp3|titles=Kate Saunders BBC Review]

The English actress, Phylida Law, mother of Emma Thompson, said ‘This is a lovely book. I felt lonely when I’d finished it É Auntie Rose and Uncle Jack finished me off. I needed a hanky.’

Diana Athill said it is ‘a book that leaves one feeling grateful and happy.’

Nina Bawden, author of Carrie’s War, said, ‘I read it twice. Enjoyed it even more the second time’.

The bloggers say,:

Random Jottings : ‘Gosh what a lovely, lovely book … I opened it up and that was it, instant enchantment, totally beguiled and I sat and read it straight through and when finished just sat with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes…. My Book Of The Year for 2009’

Love Reading have placed it in their top ten books describing it as ‘An absolute joy to read … Funny, charming and at times heartbreaking this will fill you with a warm glow’. It was top for three weeks.

Stuck In A Book : We should ‘treasure something as special as Kisses on a Postcard. I predict a classic, and one which can be enjoyed with joyfulness, thankfully, and not solely sympathy’.

Book Snob : ‘delightful and surprisingly moving … Kisses on a Postcard is a real treasure; it’s told with love and fondness and humour … It really is a wonderful book that shows the tenacity and generosity of the human spirit, and I highly recommend it.

Fleur Fisher Reads: ‘So many wonderful stories so wonderfully told. I wish I could write about them all. So many emotions, so many moments to move you. A wonderful portrait of an extrordinary time in a place that is today the same is so many ways and yet so very different too. Magic indeed.’

Banter Basement: ‘Perhaps the best sign of how enchanting this book was to me, I didn’t want it to end.’

Hear Terry interviewed on BBC Radio Devon – [audio:Frisby%20on%20BBC%20Radio%20Devon.mp3|titles=BBC Radio Devon Interview]

And, the broadsheets have also chipped in. The Daily Telegraph gave it a 4-star review , with Brian MacArthur, the Assistant Editor, saying it is ‘heart-warming’.

Extracts from the book were published by the Daily Mail, which you can read here. ‘

Extracts were read on BBC radio 2 with Aled Jones. You can hear them here – [audio:Terence%20Frisby%20%20Aled%20Jones.mp3|titles=Extracts with Aled Jones]

You can buy the book from Bloomsbury or Amazon. Also please post your comments on Amazon, as these help us greatly.